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The Curtains are Up!

Check them out at New York Pizza Restaurant and Bar on Tate Street in Greensboro, NC. I made them from upholstery samples left over from the High Point, NC Furniture Market. Advertisements

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She Said She Said

Hi All, That art show I mentioned in a previous post happened this past weekend and it was an amazing success! “She Said She Said” was the brain-child of Maggie Yokley, with whom I created this blog.  Maggie contacted a

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Doggie Downer

So, y’all remember in my last post about how I was supposed to get a dog?  This is her: Wouldn’t we have made the best team? Well, the owner completely ignored all my attempts to contact her for 2 days,

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Be great at what you love, but if you aren't DO IT ANYWAY

Here’s just a little sample of what I’ve been working on lately! This is an embroidery I made from a sketch in my journal probably a year ago… I finally finished the embroidery, bound it, and then mounted it on

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