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Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Smoke rises, Daft Punk blares, friend embrace and settle into fold-up polyester chairs, as cold foam settles into red plastic cups, all ready for an evening of celebration. One and two and three sneak away into the house, into a

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Post-It Note Housewarming Present

for my friend, Jeffrey, his little ones (my god-cats!), Sigourney and Edmond.

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Suzanna And Scott


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Bound in Love

I made this gift for a friend’s wedding, and I justreceived a Thank You note in the mail, so now I know it is safe to postthis for all to see! The journals have four signatures of regular sketch paper,

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Doggie Downer

So, y’all remember in my last post about how I was supposed to get a dog?  This is her: Wouldn’t we have made the best team? Well, the owner completely ignored all my attempts to contact her for 2 days,

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