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Rainy Day Update

WELL, it is fiercely storming outside right now, so to distract myself from the inevitable tree crashing through my home, I thought this would be a good time for an update. My plan for the day was to make some

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Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Smoke rises, Daft Punk blares, friend embrace and settle into fold-up polyester chairs, as cold foam settles into red plastic cups, all ready for an evening of celebration. One and two and three sneak away into the house, into a

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Due to some unforseen circumstances with the venue for Extra Sensory Perception: A Feminist Art Show, we are now looking for a new place in New York or New Jersey to host . Plans for the opening event also include

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Toxic Sludge

Watercolor collaboration with Selby (age 3) and I. Her parts are totally better than mine.

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DEFT WEFT: A Community Weaving Project

Today I was here… …doing this. “Deft Weft” is my collaborative weaving project based on my desire to do a few things.  One, reusing scrap material.  I work at a place called Flying Bulldogs, Inc., where we sell fabric (and

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She Said She Said

Hi All, That art show I mentioned in a previous post happened this past weekend and it was an amazing success! “She Said She Said” was the brain-child of Maggie Yokley, with whom I created this blog.  Maggie contacted a

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Meh Head, Meh Head!!!!

Howdy, howdy, my friends! As you may know, I love keeping myself busy.  It helps with the brooding of ye old brains, and makes me feel like I’m being productive, even if I am neglecting other things I could be

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