30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 02.2

It is Day 02 of the 30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge, and I have to admit, I felt a little guilty about my choice today.  The topic is Favorite Animal.


View the drawing from two years ago here.

Parents aren’t supposed to choose favorites, and I could have just followed through with a drawing of the fossilized remains of an Archaeopteryx because I DO love that animal, but I guess I’ll just have to blame it on the rain, or more likely on my sweet canine’s proximal location at the time of contemplation, but Pica it is.  I even tried drawing a small mammal with two heads, one Pica head, and one Wentworth head; that felt more fair to me.  Didn’t work.  I’m a bad mama.

I apologize to Wentworth, and my finches, and my chickens, and all the other fantastical creatures that live on this planet.  You are all my favorite and so wonderful and when I start thinking about all the animals in the world and the perfect way you do everything you’ve evolved to do, my heart grows all Grinch-like.


Also, I’m now remembering feeling frustrated the first time I completed this list about how many of the prompts are “favorite” this and that.  I don’t think having a favorite is important.  In fact, I think it is short-sighted.  Having a favorite is effectively limiting your experiences to forever be a comparison of that one thing that can’t be topped.  It also causes me mild anxiety to try to make the “best” or “smartest” decision.  When it all boils down, everything in the universe is too amazing to pick a favorite.

So, in remembering that, I am going to hereby note that none of the favorite things are actually going to be favorite things. They will just be things I like, or maybe even the first thing I think of.  I won’t have to feel guilty for being exclusionary, and I can just do a damn drawing, and y’all won’t have to read all this.

The end.


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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 01.2

Two years ago, I found a 30-Day Drawing Challenge on the Internet, and, being in a state of undriven restlessness (as I often am), I took the find as a serendipitous wake-up call that it was time for me to do something.

It truly was a helpful exercise, and it launched me more confidently into my post-scholastic art-making regimen (a year after I’d graduated).  As any former art student (nay, any student) knows, this is not an easy transition.  In some ways, I’m still recovering three point five years later.

So, as I was tidying my hard drive earlier this evening, I came across THE LIST.


The 30-Day Drawing Challenge was originally posted on this blog.


In an instant, I knew what I must do.  Same list.  Same Cassandra.  Two years later.  Day 01: Yourself.



The drawing from two years ago can be found here.


You may notice that my hair part faces different directions in each of the drawings.  In the first drawing, I drew (um, loosely, as you can see) from a photo; tonight I drew in a mirror.

I am going to link to each of the former drawings in the new posts, however, like tonight, I will not look at them before I draw.


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Quick Chair Reupholstery



20-year-old faux leather is not nice. Not nice at all.


We knew it was time to do something about this chair at the office when it started to leave black smudges on our clothes and any items we set on it.



Ahh… That’s much better!


So I got out the drill, pliers, staple gun, and scissors, and jumped at the opportunity to do something other than sit in front of the computer.



Thank you, Anna Maria Horner!


I found a remnant of this Anna Maria Horner fabric we had in the back of the warehouse, and after washing all the black gunk off my hands, gave new life to this once (and now, again) beautiful chair!

All in a good day’s work.






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Rainy Day Update

WELL, it is fiercely storming outside right now, so to distract myself from the inevitable tree crashing through my home, I thought this would be a good time for an update.

My plan for the day was to make some more coat hook rails to sell at the next City Market, but that requires sanding and spraying, both of which I prefer to do outdoors… so that plan is scrapped until this thunder stops being so terrifying.

I did sell two coat hook rails at the most recent City Market, last Thursday:



They were a collaboration between my friend, Katie Pollok, and I.  She was out of town for the Market, but I’m sure she’ll be happy to know they sold, and that a few dollars will be coming her way!




I also recently made this fabric covered coat hook rail!  It hasn’t sold yet, so if you want it, contact me.  It is $25.



A few other things RE: my involvement with The City Market:


I am a member of the Greenhorns, a group for young preservationists and sustainability advocates.  A few of us went to Architectural Salvage of Greensboro, along with employees from Running With Horses, the events company that puts on The City Market, to make these benches for the grassy seating area in front of the stage!

They are made from salvaged hardwood floor slats from historic homes here in Greensboro that were slated for destruction.  All in all, we made 10 of them!  And three of them have sold at Architectural Salvage.  If you want to buy one, email ASG.  Otherwise check them out at the next market on August 15th!




The Greenhorns at the City Market on June 20, 2013.  Photo credit: Benjamin Briggs.


The booth that I am managing at the City Market is not a personal booth, although it does carry a lot of my personal art.  It is a Greenhorns Booth, with information on the Greenhorns, Preservation Greensboro, and Architectural Salvage.

We carry the really fascinating book, Greensboro: An Architectural Record, by Marvin Brown, as well as items made by our members from salvaged/repurposed materials.  A portion of all of the booth sales go to the Greenhorns Fund, which will be used, firstly, to buy a domain name, and subsequently, to fund our projects around Greensboro and around North Carolina.  We’ll be bringing awareness to the public about historic building preservation, sustainable retrofitting, and architectural history in our area, as well as creating a dialogue with government officials on these topics.



As for this rainy day, I’m lucky to be at home and not out in the flash floods coursing down the streets.  I think I’ll work on some more bag bags.







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My Etsy shop is back up and running!

My Etsy shop is back up and running!

With the realization that I really could use a few extra dollars coming my way right now, I remembered my Etsy store, left to collect dust, empty and alone, in the back alley off of an abandoned street inside the internet.  So, I’ve gotten out the All-Natural Multi-Purpose Spray and Reusable Micro-Fiber cloths, and now it is back, spic and span!  I don’t even have enough money in my PayPal account to renew all of my items, so the first thing I sell is going to fund putting more stuff up in the shop!  Check it out, y’all!

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I was inspired by my 6-year-old friend who was drawing dinosaurs beside me.

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Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Smoke rises, Daft Punk blares, friend embrace and settle into fold-up polyester chairs, as cold foam settles into red plastic cups, all ready for an evening of celebration. One and two and three sneak away into the house, into a room labeled TOP SECRET. In the secret room are whispers, small metal balls clacking inside their metal tubes, and the squeak of paint soaked felt against polished wood. We sneak away to create. We sneak away to combine our brains, our hands, and our overflowing love for the one who brings us all together. It is Georgia’s birthday, and we are making her a gift. And after a few coats of food-safe acrylic spray, every time she serves goat cheese and apples and organic, free-range, gluten-free crackers, she will be reminded of all the friends who are grateful for her constant graciousness, joy, ease, enviable good-looks, admirable work-ethic, and sneaking sarcasm. Happy Birthday, Georgia! Cheers!

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