30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 09.2 & Sad News

Today’s drawing is Favorite TV Show.

I don’t own a television, so all of my TV consumption comes from what I can watch on Hulu and Netflix.

Which, naturally, includes what was a summertime binge of Arrested Development.

So when I adopted these two male Zebra Finches in August, identical save for one with slightly fluffier feathers, I knew that they must be channeling Oscar and George.


My Favorite TV Show from 2 years ago is in this same post.

I drew this during homework time, when the six-year old does his actual homework, and the four-year old and I do our “homework.”

This was hers today:


I think she’s excited about Xmas.

But back to the finches.

When I get home for the day, I always make sure my animals have food and water (I have a large number of animals), so while I was topping off the Society Finches, I noticed that I didn’t hear Oscar and George.  Their cage hangs from my ceiling above my head, so I can only see them if they are in their nest or on a perch.  I stood on my toes.  Down.  Both of them.  George was gone gone, and Oscar was just hanging out in the bottom with his eyes closed.  I picked him up.  He was still alive.  I put some water on my finger, and dotted it on his beak.  He wiggled a little in my hand, so I put him back in the cage.  I placed him in his nest, and sprinkled some seeds beside him, so that he could eat without having to fly down to his perch.  I took George out, and sat, holding him.  When I went back minutes later to check on Oscar, he was back on the bottom of the cage.  Dead.  Both of them are dead, and I just drew a picture of them hours before.

I adopted them from a woman who’s elderly mother had had the birds, and I don’t know how long either of them took care of them, nor how old they were when they came from the pet store.  My best guess is that George died of old age, and Oscar died of heartbreak.

Join me in mourning Oscar and George, with their rosy cheeks and sweetest songs:

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