30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 06.2

Day Six is Favorite Book Character.  And apparently, I wasn’t paying attention to where the list also reads, “Can’t Be a Movie.”  Oops!


My Favorite Book Character from 2 years ago can be found here.

I chose Matilda, from Matilda by Roald Dahl.  She was one of my absolute heroines as a small girl, and I did read the book before the movie came out!  Also, I drew Matilda out of my head, and not from the book illustrations or film stills, so I think I’m in the clear.

Also, I think it is interesting to note the differences between the covers of the edition that I’ve owned since I was a kid,

and the current edition:


via NPR

Gents, did you read Matilda when you were growing up?  Because I think many of you might have!  But would boys today pick up this pink copy?  I think they probably would not.

I just abhor this pinkification that was not completely absent in my childhood, but I swear the gendered kid stuff was not as pronounced as it is today.  Here’s more photographical evidence:


School field trip circa 1995. And, SEE, it isn’t just me (front and center)! Look at what all the girls are wearing! I wish I had a photo from a 3rd grade field trip today, to compare.


And here is a 1998 dELia*s catalog.

Matilda was a strong female character that was looked up to by both boys and girls in her class, and she stood up to the mean Miss Trunchbull, which made everyone happy.  She was an OF, and I love her.

The end.



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