30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 02.2

It is Day 02 of the 30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge, and I have to admit, I felt a little guilty about my choice today.  The topic is Favorite Animal.


View the drawing from two years ago here.

Parents aren’t supposed to choose favorites, and I could have just followed through with a drawing of the fossilized remains of an Archaeopteryx because I DO love that animal, but I guess I’ll just have to blame it on the rain, or more likely on my sweet canine’s proximal location at the time of contemplation, but Pica it is.  I even tried drawing a small mammal with two heads, one Pica head, and one Wentworth head; that felt more fair to me.  Didn’t work.  I’m a bad mama.

I apologize to Wentworth, and my finches, and my chickens, and all the other fantastical creatures that live on this planet.  You are all my favorite and so wonderful and when I start thinking about all the animals in the world and the perfect way you do everything you’ve evolved to do, my heart grows all Grinch-like.


Also, I’m now remembering feeling frustrated the first time I completed this list about how many of the prompts are “favorite” this and that.  I don’t think having a favorite is important.  In fact, I think it is short-sighted.  Having a favorite is effectively limiting your experiences to forever be a comparison of that one thing that can’t be topped.  It also causes me mild anxiety to try to make the “best” or “smartest” decision.  When it all boils down, everything in the universe is too amazing to pick a favorite.

So, in remembering that, I am going to hereby note that none of the favorite things are actually going to be favorite things. They will just be things I like, or maybe even the first thing I think of.  I won’t have to feel guilty for being exclusionary, and I can just do a damn drawing, and y’all won’t have to read all this.

The end.


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