30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 01.2

Two years ago, I found a 30-Day Drawing Challenge on the Internet, and, being in a state of undriven restlessness (as I often am), I took the find as a serendipitous wake-up call that it was time for me to do something.

It truly was a helpful exercise, and it launched me more confidently into my post-scholastic art-making regimen (a year after I’d graduated).  As any former art student (nay, any student) knows, this is not an easy transition.  In some ways, I’m still recovering three point five years later.

So, as I was tidying my hard drive earlier this evening, I came across THE LIST.


The 30-Day Drawing Challenge was originally posted on this blog.


In an instant, I knew what I must do.  Same list.  Same Cassandra.  Two years later.  Day 01: Yourself.



The drawing from two years ago can be found here.


You may notice that my hair part faces different directions in each of the drawings.  In the first drawing, I drew (um, loosely, as you can see) from a photo; tonight I drew in a mirror.

I am going to link to each of the former drawings in the new posts, however, like tonight, I will not look at them before I draw.


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2 comments on “30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 01.2
  1. Vanessa Oldham says:

    Nice! Love the new selfie!!

    Sent from outer space.


  2. […] is Day 02 of the 30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge, and I have to admit, I felt a little guilty about my choice today.  The topic is Favorite […]

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