Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Smoke rises, Daft Punk blares, friend embrace and settle into fold-up polyester chairs, as cold foam settles into red plastic cups, all ready for an evening of celebration. One and two and three sneak away into the house, into a room labeled TOP SECRET. In the secret room are whispers, small metal balls clacking inside their metal tubes, and the squeak of paint soaked felt against polished wood. We sneak away to create. We sneak away to combine our brains, our hands, and our overflowing love for the one who brings us all together. It is Georgia’s birthday, and we are making her a gift. And after a few coats of food-safe acrylic spray, every time she serves goat cheese and apples and organic, free-range, gluten-free crackers, she will be reminded of all the friends who are grateful for her constant graciousness, joy, ease, enviable good-looks, admirable work-ethic, and sneaking sarcasm. Happy Birthday, Georgia! Cheers!

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