Howdy folks!

Although selling anything at the Tate Street Festival was not a main goal (I only had 9 items for display, and was only trying to sell them if someone spotted an item and inquired), I did happen to sell one thing!  It was right as Vanessa and I were closing up shop, and someone inquired, so we did that thang!

It is a painted coat hook rail, finished with clear lacquer, and ready to hang for years of durable use.

I do have two more of these listed in the Etsy store for my work, Flying Bulldogs*.  If you are in Greensboro and want to pick up locally, you don’t have to pay shipping.  And, of course, I do commissions.

With gratitude,


*They are in the work store because in the two previous years, we had a booth for Flying Bulldogs at the Tate Street Festival and I was selling them there.  In that section of the store, all the other items are made by my very talented mom.  Except the scarf.  I made the scarf.  🙂

**On a related note, did you know I made this?

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