DEFT WEFT: A Community Weaving Project

Today I was here…

…doing this.

“Deft Weft” is my collaborative weaving project based on my desire to do a few things.  One, reusing scrap material.  I work at a place called Flying Bulldogs, Inc., where we sell fabric (and other things).  My biggest task every day is cutting people’s fabric orders, so I end up with a ton of scrap that I just can’t throw away.  I needed something to do with it!!!  **I brought three plastic grocery bags full of scraps with me today, and we didn’t even use up ONE whole bag on all that got accomplished today!

Two, interaction.  Mine with others.  Others with others.  LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!  Let’s talk and be happy to do something with our hands and contribute to a thing that no one can predict or control!

Three, making art!  I use my art to make sense of life.  Sometimes it is hard!  A lot of times it is hard!  And making art is one of the best ways to figure out how I’m feeling and why.  It is a time for concentration, and reflection, and, often, tedious repetitive tasks that keep me busy and feeling productive even though I am really just sitting and thinking.  I hope I let some people stop and think today while they were working with me. 

This echoes number two, but also, number four, being a part of a community!  The girl on the left in the above photo is 15 years old.  I have known her since I was 15 years old.  When she was 7, she drew me portrait of the two of us standing amongst some flowers.  I framed it.  It still hangs on my wall.  That is community.

Other highlights of the day include sharing a booth with one of my best friends and partners in crime, Vanessa.  Her journals are amazing, and can be found on Etsy (but not right now – she took all of them down because she didn’t want to double sell – they’ll be back up in two weeks, so I’ll link then)!

My mom got to pet an iguana.  I guess if you don’t know my mom, you might not know how good this is.  Let me just go ahead and tell you: SHE LOVES LIZARDS. 

My Pica was such a GOOD GIRL today!!!  She mostly stayed in her bed, but my mom and brother came and took her out on a nice little stroll.  I gave her a bath and a haircut yesterday, so she was EXTRA PRETTY for her big day today.


This is what we got accomplished by the end of the day!  I still have some work to do to finish it up, but after that, I am going to be showing it around town, and maybe even in PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY.  And, as I told all those (ALL 78 OF YOU!!!) who worked with me today, your names are included in the list of Collaborating Artists because I COULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and gave me your support and words of encouragement!  And a SPECIAL, SPECIAL thanks to Georgia and Daniel, of LiveOriginalLocal, who are two of my best and oldest friends, and who DAILY inspire me because they do everything they do so well and always WITH LOVE.

I am in love with my community today. 


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