The Sketchbook Project

As some of you know I have been carrying around a journal with me since my last semester in college where I took a Journaling class with Jason Watson and had Art Education seminars with David Modler.  I only regret that I didn’t have those experiences earlier in my college career because after I worked with those two artists MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER.

I learned to let go!  That was something I had been trying and trying and knowing I needed to do for many years.  I used let the fact that my work would never be perfect actually prohibit me from doing anything at all.  But due to several factors, including working with Jason and David, leaving the art department immediately after those classes, and getting older, and developing a more general self-acceptancenow I don’t care!  My work could be terrible, and I wouldn’t know it!!  I have to just be driven by the fact that I have to make art.  Many people compliment me on my work, even if I don’t think it is good, so that is nice to hear.  But it doesn’t matter if it is good.  IT MATTERS THAT I MAKE IT.

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