Bound in Love

I made this gift for a friend’s wedding, and I just
received a Thank You note in the mail, so now I know it is safe to post
this for all to see!

The journals have four signatures of regular sketch paper, and three signatures of vellum graph paper. 

They are bound with a waxed linen cord that was meant
for jewelry-making, but I thought the thickness of this cord better
matched the journals than the “official book-binding” linen thread that I
have, which is quite a bit thinner. 

I used my brandnew drill punch for all the holes, which made stitching so much easier, and super satisfying!

I bought the leather from Brettuns Village
online, and I was very happy with the price, quality, and accurate
description of the leather.  I have used it for several other projects,
and when I run out I will definitely retu
rn to BV for more.

Nicole told me that they used the journals on their honeymoon, so I am very pleased that they have already been put to good use, and I am so happy they’ll have those words to remind them of the very beginning of their lives together.

Congratulations, Nicole and Calder!


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