She Said She Said

Hi All,

That art show I mentioned in a previous post happened this past weekend and it was an amazing success!

She Said She Said” was the brain-child of Maggie Yokley, with whom I created this blog.  Maggie contacted a bunch of her lady artist friends, and through a mixture of luck, assbusting, nagging, prodigal use of the internet, and a little bit of wizardry, this group of girls (most of whom did not know each other at the start) put together an incredibly strong art show in just a month and a half.

I mean, its one thing that WE ACTUALLY DID IT, which is already huge by itself, but honestly, the work was TOTALLY GOOD.  And the help and feedback we got from our viewers was enough to make us all completely pumped to do it again!

Amber Cole of Labels Exchange was incredibly gracious to let us use her space, which is a funky basement boutique full of vintage clothing.

Here is a quick tour of the show:

When you first walk down the stairs from the street, my work was on either side of the hallway.

The right side.

And the left side.  This was the world debut of my Girlfriends Collection, which is still in progress (don’t be sad, girlfriend, if your portrait isn’t featured yet… it will be!!).  Thanks Hannah, Katie, and Georgia for keeping your promise of letting me borrow your portraits from your private collections when I needed them for a show!  I got a lot of positive feedback on your beautiful feces.  I mean faces.

When you walk in and turn to the left, you can see another one of my pieces hanging on the inside of the door, on the far left, Maggie’s pieces in the middle, and a painting from Angel Sanders on the far right.

On the leftest wall (not to be confused with the Leftist wall), were pieces by Julie Harper.  I know at least one of hers sold!  I took bad photos on purpose, so if you really want to see the work, you’ll have to see it in person!   🙂

The back wall featured works by Leticia Grosz.

And this beautiful golden column served as a fortuitously purposeful backsplash for Emma Norman’s photography.  Here is a little example of how awesome these ladies are.

Another piece by Julie hung in the middle of the room between two golden columns.

The far right wall shows photos and prints by Doris Yuan (left), and Kelly Hitchcock Walker (right).

And on the way back to the front of the room, are Brenna Rose Killeen‘s paper-cut shadow boxes.

We had a really decent turnout, with lots of laffs, and intellectual conversations, and slurring of compliments.

Notes for next time include: 3M adhesive velcro strips are awesome, next time bring a guest book for visitors to sign, and isn’t it just amazing what can happen when brilliant and well-connected people work together.  Truly.


PS – I know this post is link heavy, but I highly recommend that you click on the
links to find out more about each of the artists in this show.  They
could be in your kids’ art history books.  Don’t fall behind the times.  🙂

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  1. […] a way, it is a follow-up to the She Said She Said show I participated just a year ago, with several of the same ladies participating in both, […]

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