Be great at what you love, but if you aren't DO IT ANYWAY

Here’s just a little sample of what I’ve been working on lately!

This is an embroidery I made from a sketch in my journal probably a year ago… I finally finished the embroidery, bound it, and then mounted it on a piece of plywood cut to size!  I am in the process of spraying it with clear acrylic, which is something new I’m trying… and really enjoying the way it looks!

A group of great ladies all connected to Maggie are contributing a show she’s putting on in Alexandria at the beginning of March (date and location TBA) called “She Said, She Said,” and this will be there!

I am getting a dog (this evening!), and the previous owners have a six-year old son who is having a little bit of a rough time letting her go.  So I made him this stuffed animal of “Pumpkin” to remember her by.  I hope he doesn’t hate me for how wonky it is!  This is truly one of those its-the-thought-that-counts kind of things!

Yesterday, I had a lovely adventure by myself.  I drove to Athens, GA to be tattooed by the incredible David Hale of Love Hawk Studio.  I’ve been looking at his art for some time, and I knew he was it!  I told him I wanted the three symbols from a petroglyph in Chaco Canyon that possibly denotes the Supernova of 1054 which lit up the sky for the whole world to see(!), and is now what we know as the Crab Nebula.  And I told him I’d love any textile pattern to be worked into the design.  This is what he came up with:

(photo courtesy of David Hale)

I love it!  David is really a remarkable guy, and we had a great conversation about making art.  His workmanship is impeccable, and I love his aesthetic (click on the link to his work above; you won’t be disappointed)!

Our conversation yesterday lit a little fire under my bum, and I used this quiet day alone to work on a piece that I started a few years ago. 

I don’t have a clear idea of how it will go, but I think it will end up being much like my collegiate megalith, “You Are Here”:

But if that is to happen during my lifetime, I better get back to the ole’ embroidery hoop!


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