Meh Head, Meh Head!!!!

Howdy, howdy, my friends!

As you may know, I love keeping myself busy.  It helps with the brooding of ye old brains, and makes me feel like I’m being productive, even if I am neglecting other things I could be doing (sorry dishes, laundry!). 

So when I started to get sick this past week (I babysit about 15 hours a week, how could I not), I pushed and pushed but finally had to give in and rest (Thanksgiving longweekend, you came at the perfect time).  My big project that I’m working on now requires that I sit at my dining table in my wooden school chair, and I was just not up for that.  So, I pulled out my box of UFOs (UnFinished Objects, for those not into the crafty lingo, there) and found some things I could work on while lounging in bed while watching the Wonder Years on Netflix in between naps.

I found a bag of cotton granny squares that I had wanted to turn into a rug, but I had put down because I ran out of cotton yarn.  Luckily, I had bought a huge skein of it on clearance about a month ago, and I still had some left from the “stuffed animal net” I made for my friend E.’s daughter for her 1st birthday (ugh, I really need to remember to take photos of these things).  So I made another stack of granny squares, and quickly got distracted by another thing I found. 

Ornaments!  My “big project that I am working on right now” is, of course, my yearly holiday ornamentmaking binge.  I cannot say what I’m making right now, but they will appear in due time.  I recently set up my Etsy shop (and made my first sale within a week of opening, FTW), which I have stocked mostly with leftover ornaments from last year.  So when I found a bag of leftover 2009 ornaments, I hopped on the opportunity to finish those and post them in my shop.  Which I worked on, but did not finish, of course.  Bah, sickness.

And then Wil texted me and asked if I could make a sculpture of a head.  He was writing a short screenplay based on a chapter from Charles Bukowski’s book Women, and in it the guy is returning a sculpture of his own head to the weirdo girlfriend who made it for him. 

I enthusiastically began, before knowing which actor would even play the part.  I about passed out from the exertion on my sickly bones, but I really, really wanted to make this thing. 

I used newspaper and masking tape.  I didn’t spend a dime, and I couldn’t use paper maché because (oh yeah, I am shooting on Sunday, and today is Friday afternoon) it wouldn’t have dried in time.  It probably took me 2.5 hours to get to the armature above.  I told myself that the sweat I worked up was like an artificial fever working the sickness out (please don’t tell me if that isn’t how it works)!

Now, don’t go thinking I worked myself into a frenzy out of a feeling of obligation.  NO.  I want compliments.  That is why I really do everything I do.  Forget what I said before.  It is all for the praise.  So I knew if I made this thing, that Wil’s whole class would see it and give me compliments next Thursday at the bar. 

The next day I found out who the actor would be so I did the whole work, rest, blow my nose routine all day and came up with this! 

And I couldn’t be more proud.  I am in love with it.  I gave it a hug when I was done.

We shot today, and everything went smoothly.  Wil is editing right now, and I can’t wait to see the rough cut.  I’m sure he’ll post it to his website when it is ready.

I have way more to say, but I’m afraid I’ll have to save that for later. 

It is about ornaments.  Lots more about ornaments later.


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