On not hanging-up the hat…

Hi all!

I haven’t forgotten about my Drawing Challenge, promise!  I’ve been keeping up with them in real life, so be patient for me to post, okay?!  🙂

I just wanted to share this other thing I have been working on for the past 2 weeks!  It is a commission for the owner of the College Mart on Tate Street (hint, hint: shop there because she is a good customer to me and an eager sponsor of the Tate Street Festival). 

Finishing a real commission for a real previous stranger wanting a real thing for their real house (who wanted me to make it because she liked my other stuff enough to seek my services!), makes me feel like a real adult.  Everything else I have ever made on commission (which is so rare because I am usually a total flake about making things for other people because I get so caught up in trying to make things perfect that I get paralyzed from finishing it) has been for people I know.  And I really did it this time!  You have to know how good this makes me feel.  It is hard to let something go that I know is not 100% perfect.  And that is what I look at every time I look at these photos.  But maybe you won’t see what I see.  Usually I find out most of it is in mine own head. 

Enough with the insecurity talk.  I should really just delete the whole thing I just wrote there and just sell myself as a competent professional maker-of-things.  But I need to remember that this is a life-long process that I am committing to.  And I always have to strive to be better, but I can’t let my imperfections keep me from making anything at all. 

So here goes with the project.

She wanted 2 coat hook rails for herself:

She said these will hang vertically on either side of her mirror, on a rust colored wall.

They are finished with acrylic gloss, and she requested that they hang via sawtooth hanger.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

This one is for her son’s room. 

It will hang on a mustard yellow colored wall.

I left the option for two ways to hang this one, since it might be used for heavier things.

I am so excited to finally be finished with these, and I really hope she loves them! 

If you love them, you can check out more at the Etsy store for my family’s business, Flying Bulldogs, or you can tell me via comments below (that would be nice!).  I would gladly work with anyone to create more custom coat hook rails to flatter the walls of their space. 


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One comment on “On not hanging-up the hat…
  1. […] plan for the day was to make some more coat hook rails to sell at the next City Market, but that requires sanding and spraying, both of which I […]

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