Update, y’all!  I have been doing my drawings everyday, but blogging about it everyday is not part of the Challenge, right?  I just have to do the drawings!  And I have been!

Actually, it has been kind of hard.  Not hard to draw everyday, but to think of my “favorite” this’s and that’s!  I am not so fond of having definites about things that are a matter of opinion.  I love a lot of things, and it is weird and, I think, unimportant to choose a favorite when that is bound to change.  So just keep that in mind when you judge me about my ‘favorites.’  They are really just things I like and am thinking about at the particular moment I sit down to draw. 

So, hopefully y’all’ll like this post because it has lots of pictures and of course everyone only wants to look at the pictures anyway, so here it goes!



Remember when I just said that I don’t like definites blah, blah, blah.  One of my Best Friends, H., obviously deserves the title because she knows this about me.

She said,

Day 5 should be interesting!…

And she’s kind of wrong because it isn’t that interesting because HOW COULD I EVER PICK JUST ONE BEST FRIEND?!  Here’s to you all!  I love you and my world would not spin without you.


This little lady in the bottom right corner is Sea-Ma from Lynda Barry’s book, What It Is.  It is part journal, part diary, and part instructional manual.  If you click on the Amazon pages, you can see, #1, why I love this book, and #2, how much she has thoroughly influenced my work! 

SeaMa is a teacher kind of character in the book who explains many things, including how to do some work, leave it, come back, and do it all over and over until you have a page.  So, you can see, that is what I’ve done.  I pasted in a note card someone wrote to me, left it, wrote some life affirming thoughts while I was getting my oil changed two weeks ago, and then came back to it for SeaMa for the challenge. 

You can even see that I had started to draw a path from the words, but then they finished working on my car, so I just stopped right in the middle.  And you know what?!  THAT IS FUCKING LIFE.  Can you even believe it.


Wow-e, wow-e.  What a great god damn transition, that there.


Ewww.  Sorry for that quality.  That is what you get for taking photos at night. 

Anyway, this is another example of my building upon other drawings.  The upside down bird is a Blue Footed Booby drawn by a 10-year old girl that I made acquaintance with in the Galapagos this summer. 

And another example of the unimportance of favorites.  I was going to choose the Tree Spirits from Princess Mononoke, but I didn’t because I was afraid people would think I am an anime nerd, which I am not it is just an effing fantastic movie!

And then there’s this:

So how could I have not.  Honestly.


Honestly, I am getting tired of all these media references.  But, clearly, Twin Peaks.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this superlong edition of As Cassandra Draws Something Everyday.  It’s been real.


PS Lots of you have been telling me in real life that you are reading, and I do love that so!  Anything you want to say to me is welcome, can be anonymous via comments below, and is appreciated!!

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