Day 2: My Favorite Animal

Welcome to Day 2 of the 30-Day Drawing Challenge!  Today’s drawing is “Your Favorite Animal.”

Maggie should hopefully be joining me in the Challenge today.  This is what she said:

I started this morning but i drew a picture of you by accident. Posting later tonight!!

So while we wait in eager anticipation of Maggie’s drawings, why don’tcha just take a look at my drawing for Day 2: My Favorite Animal:

I think this probably deserves an explanation…

When my internet search of animals just lead to Wil and me looking up photos of animal penises, I guess I realized I don’t have a favorite animal.

So I found this:

(click photo for image source)

Against all odds, it gave me the worst two animals: python and scorpion.  So I decided to give him a pet chihuahua and an ice cream cone to try to make it a little less AWFUL.

I had ice cream on the mind after purchasing and consuming this,

(click photo for image source)

which is so effing delicious, it doesn’t matter that I’m lactose intolerant (the people around me after I eat it may disagree)…

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Create Art Daily 30-Day Drawing Challenge, tomorrow!!


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