What a CROCK@!@!!1111

WARNING:  This post has nothing to do with CreatingArtDaily.  It is more of a PublicServiceAnnouncement.

Hi all,

I’d like to introduce you to my newest kitchen accessory,


The CROCKERY CHEF became a part of my life yesterday after finding it for $3 at Goodwill.  I had had a perfectly good, if not slightly-too-large-for-my-kitchen-but-I-got-it-for-free, crock pot that I had used once before to expected results, but I found out, two nights ago after an evening of babysitting for 4 hours, after having worked all day, that ye olde crocke potte had gone ahead and ghosted out on me, ALAS.  I ate chips and half a container of cottage cheese.

The CROCKERY CHEF is different from my old crock pot in one way.  When I tried to remove the brown glazed pot from its creamy avocado green aluminum housing, I discovered that the CROCKERY CHEF, in fact, does not come apart!  This may date me a little to admit that I had no idea that there were crock pots that did not separate.  I mean, my mom moved to North Carolina from New York when she was 28, so I did not even grow up in a house with a crock pot.  I am really starting from scratch here.

So after happily tupperwaring up my tomato sauce, which confirmed that my 40-year old CROCKERY CHEF does work (and how!), HOW DO I CLEAN IT*, I asked myself.  Repeatedly.  For the next 24 hours. 

This evening’s 45 minutes of Googling how to clean a one-piece crock pot churned out, you guessed it, A CROCK OF SHIT.  All of which I’m sure would have been helpful if you were wondering which kind is better the one-piece or the two-piece kind, and if you have the two-piece kind this is how you clean it, and oh yeah, it’s just like all your other dishes. 

I did find this little tidbit on a forum thread last updated December 11, 2001, from Gretchen Weaver on December 8, 2001:

“Place… the crockpot with the unremoveable
pot in the sink. (Obviously you don’t have water in the sink.)
Fill with hot soapy water above the cooking line. Place the lid on
top and let set 30 minutes or until you have time to come back to
it. Take the lid off, set the pot on it’s side on the edge of the
sink (the water will pour out), take your dish rag & wash the liner.
Rinse with hot water. Set upside down in the drainer. All done.”

Jesus Christ, thank you, Gretchen.  That is all I wanted to know.  Don’t get water on the electric shit.  Pour it out super careful. 

I hope that by having repeated the word crock pot in this post so many times, eventually it will come up when other folks inevitably search for how to clean their one-piece or unremovable crock pot or slow cooker in the sink without getting the electric parts wet. 

You’re welcome.


*I know this makes it sound like I didn’t clean it out before I cooked in it, but I did!  I took a soapy sponge and wiped it.  Then rinsed all the soap out of the sponge and wiped it.  Then rinsed all the suds off of the sponge.  Then wiped it again.  Then dried it with a clean rag.  But that would never work after having cooked in it, duh.

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