first of all, let me say that i LOVE casa’s last post IMMENSELY. it warmed my heart and made me feel weird because i also did chalk drawing with the kids i babysit ON THE SAME DAY. ours is a large battle scene. i should take pictures of it tomorrow and post it on here if it doesnt rain.
i have been working really hard on this:


i think a miter means right angle zigzag because that is what happened when i followed the pattern in this book:


i love these ladies so much. they remind me of us, cassander, because they both have really unique crafting styles but they love to craft and make art together and are very inspired by one another. also, they say y’all a lot. plus there are comic versions of themselves wearing western shirts on the cover of their book and one of them has blond hair and the other one has brown hair. (venn diagram anyone?)

(dont be shy about letting company see that you’ve knitted an entire bedspread. (they already know you’re crazy.))

this blanket project, despite its daunting proportions, hasn’t begun to disinterest me quite yet, which is AMAZING when you consider my awesome quit-a-project ability. god. what an ability. i’m like, spiderman, but like, really really way more self-conscious. it is awesome, too, because i’m using up all the trash yarn and extra yarns that have been hanging around and moved with me THREE TIMES without being used up. you feeling my excitement yet? look at that shitty forest green acrylic. fuck you, acrylic. fuck. you.

in conclusion: this blanket is probably going to end up being really lumpy, and scratchy in places, and HOT, but i am DECIDEDLY GOING TO FINISH IT. and that makes me happy. also, it will probably shrink/felt up/stretch out in random patches simultaneously. digital note to self: DON’T EVER WASH IT.

if mixing fibers media is wrong, i don’t want to be right

❤ mag

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