Dear, I fear we're facing a problem…

So today I was looking at this and trying to figure out if I had any pieces that would work for the theme.  It’s been far too long since I’ve had any pieces in a show.  Far too long since I’ve made anything of real conceptual substance.  Far too long since I’ve looked through my box of unfinished art from college…

So I found this:

And took the worst photo I can imagine.  

I guess at the time I was sharing some real spiritual energy with my cat.  Or something.  This was started circa 2009, and I reckon I turned it in as a “quilt top,” or some other such bullshit way of saying “I probably got drunk and forgot this was due.”

Anyway, I like it and I think it is worth finishing.  I cut it down

serged the edges, picked out awesome backing fabric and binding (latter not pictured), and then started searching for something to use for batting.

Whilst pawing through my box labeled “FELT,”  I found this:

teeeeny, tiny sweater.  Oh, but c’mon you can still fit into that, right?  At least the sleeves, right?

Good eye.  Yes, Cassandra, they fit!

So I sliced it down the middle, no seams to finish since it is already felted, and 2 minutes later (including photographing) I have a new cardigan.

But I still don’t have any batting.


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