this is why i can't have nice things.

My cats have both been staying inside the past few days because one of them needs every day medicine right now.  These guys are NOT indoor cats.  Lets just say they get a little restless.

I had gotten down some catnip so they would have something to do, and neither of them were really interested.  But later, when I saw Wentworth pawing at the plastic bag of shake, my imminentdoomsensors started blinking rapidly, but I was also just glad he was interested in something…

So I immediately got up, grabbed the bag from him, and made this cat nip toy! 

It is made of scrap fabric from my scrap bag (yes the same one I use for strips for my RagRug), stuffed with leftover plastic scraps from making BagBags, and a hearty helping of cat drugs.  I spent about 5 minutes total on this project.  Seriously.  That is all the time I feel like dedicating to a cat toy at 11p. 

The longest part was figuring out what shape to cut the fabric.  I didn’t want to do the regular old fish or mouse shape, so I thought about Wentworth’s favorite things… PEEING IN MY POTTED PLANTS!  So this is a potted plant.  Doubles as broccoli or mushroom cloud. 

Speaking of which, I woke up to an apartment looking a little like there had been an explosion of some sort.  That, or my cats are on mushrooms.

Oops.  I forgot to put the plastic bag of catnip back in my cabinet.

Martin is wearing that bag like a cape.  And those strips of plastic had been wound in a nice little ball, which is still attached to the bag I am working on.  Good news: he is actually playing with the mushroom cloud.  Bad news: that’s because he’d already been rolling in a ziplock bag’s amount of cat drugs that he ripped open…

Happy Monday Morning, everybody!


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