abbyjake and i painted some pictures outside today. abby got a new watercolor set and asked me to help her. although she corrected me every time i threw out a painting tip and she quit half way through her painting, it was really nice just hangin out on the porch with them. its interesting to watch how differently abby and jake approach making art. jake had a hard time at first trying to decide what to paint, so he would put something down and cross it out, but we did a battle drawing together using the watercolors, and while he waited for his turn he would add jellyfish and starships to his painting. all in all, mondo fun, dudes.

i painted my popsicle because i love it

mint chocolate chip ice cream guy chucks his chips at the enemy, but the sun bull’s rays shine on icecream guy and melts him. sexy lady cow distracts the sun bull and pours icy milk on him and puts out his sun shine fire. ben-10 diamond dude traps cow lady in a room made of diamonds and it knocks off her makeup and eyelashes. a giant lady’s hand reaches down and turns all the diamonds into jewelry.

❤ mag

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