hey ya’ll

i got all these succulents and potted them in some of my favorite vessels that had been empty far too long. i love these so much and although it isnt exactly what you might call “art,” i find working with plants and deciding the right pot for them to go in very EROTIC. i mean soothing. and creative. here they are. i wish i had a better camera.

aloe vera in a duck

some succulent cassandra will know the name of in a pottery cup my friend jess made

baby toes in this glass thing

split rock in another jess pot. sweet print from my friend kate in the background

hens and chicks in the green bowl and kittens pot. (my granddad grew the ancestors of these plants). key lime pie in that other pot

jade that i jacked from cassandra’s christmas present in a maw mug

a really sad spider plant inside my x-mas present from laura

❤ maggie

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