Even though I love my parents and they only live 5 minutes away from me, I am not going over to their house to rid their yard of candy-filled bunny droppings because Jesus disappeared from a cave.

Instead, I’ll celebrate by wearing MY BUNNY DRESS!

For a long time after buying the fabric (thrifted, of course), cutting and sewing it, and wearing it many times, I realized THAT IS, in fact, NOT A BUNNY.  It’s a cat.  (Swarmed by green butterflies.)

All the better, if you ask me.  Especially that the print is so off registration.  I LOVE THAT.  I kind of think most people wouldn’t notice, but if they do they will laugh and laugh and laugh because it is just that ridiculously bad.

This was a really easy pattern, and I finished the dress in one sitting, which is great because I have an overactive craft life, and I never would have finished it otherwise.

The reason I don’t wear it more is because the wrap skirt has a propensity for spreading itself, and, as most of you know, so do I.  Not a great match.

But my FAVORITE part is these god-damned sleeves.  Look how easy they are.  And so flattering. 

Oh yeah, and my other favorite part, is when I wear this dress, me and the cats are MATCHING.


My next logical step, hungover and wearing a Bunny dress and straw hat by myself on Easter Sunday, naturally:


I used grits instead of rice, and it contains scrambled egg, potato, purple cabbage, red onions, cheddar cheese, and lots of Sriracha!  It turned out just like you can imagine.  Awesome.  Except the grits.  Not the idea of grits in general, but the grits I made were too thick and didn’t absorb enough water.  If they had been fluffier, these would have been perfect.


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