Give me coffee or give me death!

Today is the day!  Our first GUEST POST.  I am so excited about this.  If you are interested in Creating Art Daily, show us what you got!  We’d be happy to feature you and your work RIGHT HERE!*

These pieces are from my good friend, Matt, who (with his wife’s assistance) has just welcomed a second daughter into the world.  Let me tell you, these are some lucky little girls.

This is what he says:

I’ve gotten into scratch art, and have trading card size scratch

I like it because it’s a small pallet that’s not intimidating
to sit down and accomplish a lot in the 10 minutes that I have free
during the day.    

Having two kids puts art on the back burner.  The
FAR back burner.

Is it just me, or is Elmo trying to suck out my soul with those friendly, vacuous eyes?

I love the idea of fitting time for small art into a tight schedule.  It’s a great way to fulfill the urge for instant gratification (I am so pro-this), and it keeps your skills and imagination sharp (especially if you’re anything like me and have a hard time with self-motivation).

Maggie did something similar a few years ago with trading card-sized watercolor paper.  She just carried them around in her bag, and whenever she had a few minutes between classes, she would pull one out, hand one to anyone who walked by (you should have seen how many people she knew in college…), and trade portraits.  She says it was the most successful collaborative art she has ever done!

If you, dear reader, feel inspired to make trading card-sized art, by all means, TELL US.


Thanks so much to Matt, for sending those images!  They are awesome, and I hope you keep making more!


*Eventually, when we can afford a paid account, we can issue multiple author permissions, and people can sign up, take a lengthy oath of commitment to Create Art Daily (note: this may involve signing in blood), and pen their own posts directly through the software.

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