a bag in a rug a bug in a rag in a rug. shit.

I have failed at posting daily, BUT DO NOT WORRY, I have not failed to make things everyday! 

I am working on a big post right now, but it isn’t ready yet, so in order to sate your bloggy cravings, I will dump on you this craftiness which occupied my weekend.

With great appreciation for my lovely model, I present, BAGBAG.

CAN I JUST TELL YOU THESE ARE THE BEST.  I made my first one 6 years ago, and it is still going strong.  And do I mean strong!  And it stretches to easily carry more groceries than I can carry easily. 

I’ll tell you what.

This next project is a peak into the never-ending sewage trough of lowly-ass bullshit that I always think is a good idea at first, but never is. 

Enter: RAGRUG.  Made of the shit most people just throw away.  Made from the 30-pound collection of fabric tendrils that I have moved with twice, and that everyone who has ever loved me has told me to just throw away.

HA, bitches!  Look at it now!  It is one-tenth of a god-damned rug that I will finish when my future children have a future cat who will think its a fucking perfect place to take a big ole piss.

And I think it is just beautiful.


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One comment on “a bag in a rug a bug in a rag in a rug. shit.
  1. […] and not out in the flash floods coursing down the streets.  I think I’ll work on some more bag […]

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