hey, ya'll

cassander set up this sweet new blog for us gals to post some artwork on. WORD. here’s the thing, though: i’m just…i’m….i’m…i’m……..

i’m fucking lazy ok? i’m a goddamn lazy jerk. the worst kind of lazy jerk. i havent made anything that i’m particularly proud of in a really long time, unless you count the stuff on my etsy, which i secretly openly despise.  (no hits, man. so depressing). you should see my room. it’s terrible, guys. just awful.

jk dudes. i’m doing alright. i forgot i’m taking a figure drawing class, which is rad, plus it gives me an excuse to draw tim naked, which is also rad. i’m making this thing to take photos of in a cardboard city maybe. i got a fourth of the way done with making a minicomic about how to make paper cranes feat. gene shalit (its for charity). i have this other blog that i’m somewhat satisfied with, (don’t look at that shit), however i would like to be doing more. i know i can do it. especially now that i have the bff to help me. cheers to you bff. youre the bff.

i found some old battle drawings to show you but my scanner is fucking annoying. just go read the food party blog til i can get that stuff up tomorrow, k?

love, maggs

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