Sat09Apr11: Cameraphone Craftumentary


I haven’t posted in a while, and I
think it is about time I retire this old bloggy. You know, posts from
2009 are so 2008. And embarrassing.

My mom got me the domain name “,” and my BFF, Maggie, and I were going to post on it every day. Every day something that we’ve made. It will be the best job for us both.

So, right now at this moment when I finally muster up the motivation to endeavor such a task as setting up a new blog and doing the first post, I can’t. Because my
mom doesn’t know the password. I’ll have to wait until Monday when she
can get back to her office.* For Maggie and my sakes, I hope that isn’t
too late. I hope the thing hasn’t worn off.

You know the thing? The inexplicable thing that takes over you in moments of creative frenzy? Art historians have lots of words for it that I used to know, but I don’t care about that now. I only care that I have it, and often. I think it is kind of like sex. The more you do it, the more you want it, and the more you want it, the more you do it. And it keeps getting better and better as you go. But I have trouble with the thing (um, just the art one) and it leaves me for periods of time, so I hope that when I get the new blog up that will give me a little motivation to pursue the thing and have it take over.

Of course, as you’ve probably imagined, I have been working on some things that I’m excited about and would like to share, so I should probably do that right now.

is my turn to host Brunch Club, which is a new Greensboro tradition
with 7 of my friends. We have a theme, and everyone brings food and drinks a
special drink, and then we play a game. Georgia and Daniel invented Brunch Club and hosted the first one; the theme was Southern and we drank Mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice and played Yahtzee. Hannah and Carson hosted the second Brunch Club; the theme was Psychadelic, we drank green punch and then tossed a frisbee in their apartment’s court yard.

My theme is Regretsy (think: useless/ugly/poorly made/too conceptual handmade and fake vintage). We are drinking Bloody Marys and depending on the weather we will either walk down to Fisher Park
and play Bocce, or stay inside and play a game I got for xmas but that I
haven’t yet played, called Linq (Wil and I pronounce it Lynn Q, but I think it is supposed to be link).

The best part is going to be the place cards/favors (oh yeah, we always have fancy place cards and favors too; GA and Daniel’s favors were brooches for the girls and airplane bottles of whiskey for the boys, and Hannah and Carson’s were Beanie Babies!). I am making mine, in true Cassandra/Regretsy style. This was my inspiration:

can’t show or say anymore about what I did because I want it to be a
surprise for my guests, but I am SO excited to get those photos up!

The problem was, I didn’t have a good way to hang my special prizes, so I had to do a little trial and error.

First error:

shits. Just take a lesson from my mistake and DON’T BUY THIS. I am
just trying to hang a 1/8″ piece of MDF (or similar material, I’m not
really sure
), and those shits just bent and crumpled no matter how I tried to get them in.

So, I went to the Dolla Store and they didn’t have any frame hanging things, but I did find these:

bought 7 of them (I only needed six, but I got an extra just to be
safe). They are hung with the exact thing I needed to hang my prizes.

Note the foam tape sticking out past the mat board:

is the thing, shown here in my sample board. You can see at the very
top where I tried using screw-in eyes but the board wasn’t thick
enough. And you might be able to see all the puncture wounds I
inflicted trying to hammer in those stupid aluminum little shits.

But this jagged thing works and I am so happy. And now I have 7 Dollar Store frames, AND I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!

I’ve been working on these little embroideries lately, and I knew that I was going to need small square frames for them.

you remember, I took the hangers off of the frames, but NOT TO FEAR, I
had a small stash of screw-in picture hangers (those were just t
oo big for the little MDFs). So I did that:

And in went my little embroideries:

Oh hai. Plz excuse my reflection, and note all my photos today were taken with my phone. I gotta work with what I got.

I only have 3 done, but number 4 is in the works. And I have frames for more!

I’ll leave you with a photo of my table setting, which I laid out today. It feels a little Miss Havisham to me. Empty, expectant. There are dead flowers in the vase and everything.

note that there are only 7 settings, but there should be 8. Wil can’t
make it to Brunch Club tomorrow because he will be in Charlotte getting
music done for his film! Which you can see a rough cut of here. Check those credits!


*Mama doesn’t disappoint.

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