30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 09.2 & Sad News

Today’s drawing is Favorite TV Show.

I don’t own a television, so all of my TV consumption comes from what I can watch on Hulu and Netflix.

Which, naturally, includes what was a summertime binge of Arrested Development.

So when I adopted these two male Zebra Finches in August, identical save for one with slightly fluffier feathers, I knew that they must be channeling Oscar and George.


My Favorite TV Show from 2 years ago is in this same post.

I drew this during homework time, when the six-year old does his actual homework, and the four-year old and I do our “homework.”

This was hers today:


I think she’s excited about Xmas.

But back to the finches.

When I get home for the day, I always make sure my animals have food and water (I have a large number of animals), so while I was topping off the Society Finches, I noticed that I didn’t hear Oscar and George.  Their cage hangs from my ceiling above my head, so I can only see them if they are in their nest or on a perch.  I stood on my toes.  Down.  Both of them.  George was gone gone, and Oscar was just hanging out in the bottom with his eyes closed.  I picked him up.  He was still alive.  I put some water on my finger, and dotted it on his beak.  He wiggled a little in my hand, so I put him back in the cage.  I placed him in his nest, and sprinkled some seeds beside him, so that he could eat without having to fly down to his perch.  I took George out, and sat, holding him.  When I went back minutes later to check on Oscar, he was back on the bottom of the cage.  Dead.  Both of them are dead, and I just drew a picture of them hours before.

I adopted them from a woman who’s elderly mother had had the birds, and I don’t know how long either of them took care of them, nor how old they were when they came from the pet store.  My best guess is that George died of old age, and Oscar died of heartbreak.

Join me in mourning Oscar and George, with their rosy cheeks and sweetest songs:

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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 08.2

For today’s drawing, Favorite Animated Character, I was clearly inspired by this pink-paged journal I’ve been using as of late.  It also just so happens that me and my 4- and 6-year old best friends watched some vintage Pink Panther last week, on the YouTubes.


Yep… The last one can also be found on this post from two years ago. If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably already read it. Sorry!

I pretty much love everything about the Pink Panther: the illustration, the colors, the backgrounds, the music, the architecture, the tricks.

Do yourself a favor, and just watch it.  Just a little bit.  You won’t be sorry.

Failing that, if you ever get a chance to flip through the TV stations in a hotel in Guatemala, drinking a glass of wine before going to bed, you might just get to watch LA PANTERA ROSA!  But I’m just guessing.


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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 07.2

Today’s drawing is Favorite Word.  Much like best friends, I couldn’t pick just one.


My favorite word from two years ago is found on this super long post.

Because as it is written in the Book of Gak, THESE FOUR WORDS ARE THE BEST FOUR WORDS.


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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 06.2

Day Six is Favorite Book Character.  And apparently, I wasn’t paying attention to where the list also reads, “Can’t Be a Movie.”  Oops!


My Favorite Book Character from 2 years ago can be found here.

I chose Matilda, from Matilda by Roald Dahl.  She was one of my absolute heroines as a small girl, and I did read the book before the movie came out!  Also, I drew Matilda out of my head, and not from the book illustrations or film stills, so I think I’m in the clear.

Also, I think it is interesting to note the differences between the covers of the edition that I’ve owned since I was a kid,

and the current edition:


via NPR

Gents, did you read Matilda when you were growing up?  Because I think many of you might have!  But would boys today pick up this pink copy?  I think they probably would not.

I just abhor this pinkification that was not completely absent in my childhood, but I swear the gendered kid stuff was not as pronounced as it is today.  Here’s more photographical evidence:


School field trip circa 1995. And, SEE, it isn’t just me (front and center)! Look at what all the girls are wearing! I wish I had a photo from a 3rd grade field trip today, to compare.


And here is a 1998 dELia*s catalog.

Matilda was a strong female character that was looked up to by both boys and girls in her class, and she stood up to the mean Miss Trunchbull, which made everyone happy.  She was an OF, and I love her.

The end.



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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 05.2

There is absolutely no way I could possibly pick one best friend!  So today’s drawing is an homage to ALL of my Great Gakateers, near and far, across the Anals of Gak and Time.


I felt similarly 2 years ago.

I LOVE YOU.  Somebody better tell Walter AND Julia not to lock this in the Keeper’s Pantry, and though the Cockpheasants may not understand, we’ll continue to go through life together, mucking through, and occasionally squeezing, fragrant globs of Spermacetti, and and living by the Law of the Ubiquitous and All-knowing Gak.  Forever and Ever, Goddammit, Amen.



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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 04.2

Day 4 is Favorite Place.

Es mi casa.


My favorite place is always home, apparently.

Since I last posted about my home, I’ve added 12 finches (but sadly, two of them have died), and 4 chickens, a pear tree, an asparagus patch, and a blueberry bush.  Things are coming along nicely!

My home is mine, and it is the major constant in my life.  It isn’t going to leave me for another owner, it isn’t going to get left behind at a street festival, and it isn’t going to move away to pursue its PhD!  And while all the changing things in the world keep me on my toes, and challenge my capacity for letting go with ease and grace, I think I already have plenty to keep me thusly occupied.


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30-Day Drawing Re-Challenge: Day 03.2

Today’s topic: FAVORITE FOOD



Click here to see the “Favorite Food” drawing from 2 years ago.

If you want to argue with me about whether coffee is food, I don’t even care.  THE ANSWER IS STILL COFFEE.

I drew this while drawing with my 4- and 6-year old best friends, hence the magic markers and crayons.  Those two are pretty amazing artists and thinkers, and they inspire me every time we draw/play/talk/laugh together.

Here is a drawing from S., the 4-year old from the same drawing sesh:


She often does this “color block” way of filling in spaces (sometimes whole pages), and I think it is beautiful, and not really typical of most people her age!  She also LOVES drawing spirals.

And lastly, my drawing above reminds me of this, one of my favorite Kinks songs:

For your pleasure.


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